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Our JBSE experienced engineers focus on design and material selection to ensure the longest possible life expectancy, with optimum resistance to fatigue and corrosion.

At JBSE not only do we have a reputation for being the #1 supplier of expansion joints for day to day service, but when it really counts – the emergency breakdown.

If your plant is out of action due to bellows failure and it’s costing time and money, contact the 24-hour team at JBSE.

The JBSE workshop is equipped with the most modern and versatile hydraulic, mechanical and punch forming machines available. Our fully qualified tradesmen have many decades experience in expansion joint manufacture and the use of exotic metals.

JBSE can not only design, manufacture and supply, but our specialised engineering team can deliver and install all our products to ensure your investment is installed by the experts. Ask about our end to end specialty services.

“Australia’s largest ISO9001 accredited expansion joint designer and manufacturer”

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