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Expansion Joints

JB Specialised Engineering, formerly Jord Bellows International is the home of expansion joint innovation, manufacturing and solutions with over 36 years’ industry experience. Here at JB Specialised Engineering we understand that problem solving is an art and thrive on finding solutions for even the most complex engineering challenges. We believe excellence begins long before the manufacturing process, starting with taking the time to listen and thoroughly understand each customer, their business and their unique project needs. It is this understanding, our proven excellence in expansion joint technology that has led us to be a leading designer and manufacturer to all major sectors including Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Water Services, Minerals Processing and Mining in the Australian and Asia Pacific regions.

expansion joint manufacturer Australia

We know that knowledge is not power unless it is applied, and so we continuously apply our 36 plus years of manufacturing experience and learning to afford our customers with the highest quality expansion joints whilst minimising production times. Each component of an expansion joint is designed with the utmost care and built with precision by our team of highly skilled technicians, utilising cutting edge technology.

We manufacture and sell an extensive range of expansion joints including:

  • Expansion bellows
  • Metallic expansion joints
  • Rubber expansion joints
  • Teflon expansion joints
  • Fabric expansion joints
  • And flexible hoses

Our real specialty is engineering solutions that are unique to your specific needs. At JB Specialised Engineering we recognise the importance of an innovative approach to ensure that our range of expansion joints or movement joints maintain structural integrity to safely and effectively allow movement due to seismic activity, vibration or thermal expansion and contraction. The highest quality materials are sourced to manufacture our range of metal expansion joints, rubber bellows, pipe expansion joints and fabric expansion joints. Our products are designed with longevity and reliability in mind to guarantee your satisfaction.

Despite our growth over the years, our “old school values” are firmly engrained in our business foundations and one of those values is always speaking to a person when making a call to our office. We understand how frustrating automated answering services are, which is why a member of our friendly team of specialists will happily assist you in with any enquiries or further information in relation to your expansion joint requirements. As the saying goes, “there is no such thing as a stupid question”, so whether you’d like to understand the difference between an expansion joint and an expansion bellow or the specific differences between various types of expansion joints, all you need to do is call and we’ll ensure your questions are answered. Even with our continuous pursuit of excellence we believe that there is always room for improvement, as such, our customer service and communication continues to be a focal point to ensure we are constantly growing and evolving along with our customers’ needs and expectations in expansion joint manufacturing.

At JB Specialised Engineering we don’t like what we do, we love it! Which is why our business is not just about manufacturing expansion joints, technological excellence and even our customers – it is about making a long lasting contribution to the betterment of our environment and community. Our team of specialists thrives on making the “impossible possible” within the industry and make a positive impact along the way.

Get in touch and we will readily answer your question from one of our lovely staff or engineers!Servicing engineering needs for over 30 years