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JB Specialised Engineering is at the forefront of innovation and excellence in engineering solutions for all major industries. Locally based in Sydney, our modern office and factory is where the design and manufacturing genius takes place by our specialist team of engineers. Each order is careful assessed and crafted with precision using the highest quality sourced materials and modern technology.

We have an extensive product range including expansion joints and bellows, strainers and filters, pressure vessels, but as our name suggests our real area of expertise is engineering ‘specialised’ solutions! Don’t take our word for it though, experience it for yourself by calling today!

Expansion Joints

The JBSE metal expansion joint was started in 1984 by Jord Engineers because of the difficulty at the time in obtaining specialty bellows. Today, Jord Bellows is the leading designer and manufacturer of flexible metallic expansion joints to all sectors of the industry in Australia and the Pacific and Asia regions. JB Specialised Engineering is a specialist supplier that solves the most complex piping problems and reliably producer’s quality bellows for all duties.

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Strainers / Filters

Strainers are commonly used to protect pumps, turbines, heat exchangers, boilers or other piping components from foreign particles or debris, to have a contamination free operation. They can also be used as pre-filter for further micro- or nanofiltration.

From chemical, water, mining, oil & gas, power generation, marine to food industries, the number of happy customers of our strainer is continuing to rise.

With JB Specialised Engineering wide range of strainer products, and special custom design capability, we can fulfil your satisfaction for any strainer requirement.

Our standard fabricated strainers are designed to Australian standard AS 1210 (Pressure Vessels), manufactured to Australian standard AS 4458 (Pressure Equipment – Manufacture), with fully qualified welding procedure specification to Australia standard AS 3992 (Pressure Equipment – Welding and Brazing Qualification), and quality assurance to Australia standard AS 3920. 1 (Assurance of Product Quality – Pressure Equipment Manufacture) and International standard ISO 9001.

Design and manufacture to other international standards is also available, such as ASME VIII Div 1 or PD5500. Full range of NDE services available to ensure the quality.

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High Nickel Alloy Fabrication

We are able to provide technology in design and fabrication for most alloys including Nickel, Titanium, Zirconium and the skills and equipment to be able to weld most High Nickel alloys to each other where applicable for cost savings, and extended life expectancies of operating equipment.

nickel alloy fabrication

Specialised Piping Items

JBSE with it’s years of combined research, supplier relationships and collaborative team are able to become your EPCM partner and source, consolidate, package and store all your Special Piping Items. This unique part of our business model enables our customers project teams to work on the major equipment and lead-time items whilst allowing our team to orchestrate the connecting pieces of the project puzzle delivering these as required to site for installation, or assembly.

Our Australian owned business and Australian based design and manufacturing facility becomes your collaborative partner for the duration of the project, and we welcome all our customers to visit and inspect at any time during the project.

Site Installation

Get in touch and we will readily answer your question from one of our lovely staff or engineers!Servicing engineering needs for over 30 years